A Small, People-Oriented Company Producing
Exceptionally Fine Timber Frames Since 1983.


We offer a wide range of services for our clients. Naturally we are involved in the design of the entire house, whether you hire us to produce all construction documents, or have us consult with your architect or designer. We will craft a timber frame that we have designed and erect it on your site. We will also contract to supply and install the stress skin panel enclosure system. For many jobs this is where we end our involvement and the owner or contractor takes over. Locally we are also available to contract the entire job, or make recommendations of contractors and sub-contractors. Our design and consultation service is available for the entire project. In addition, we may be contracted to supply other components such as balcony railings, stairs and mantels.

The size, shape and layout of timber frame buildings require special disciplines of design that utilize the benefits of this demanding building technique. The Timber-Frame Workshop designs are mostly traditional New England structures... saltbox, cape, high-posted cape, and two-story colonial.

We also build custom projects... for example an octagonal two story tower, a pool house with crossing gables and a cruciform shaped house featuring a three-story hip-roofed tower and open-roofed living room.

The design of the house should be an inspired blending of building, site, owner requirements and budget. We work with owners, contractors, architects or designers to develop an original frame plan to bring it all together.
We have also been involved in barn renovation where we save the original structure replacing damaged sections of plates, tie-beams and posts, maintaining the historic beauty of the original timber framing built by the master builders centuries before. 
Nothing could excite us more than to meet your request for something different, whether it is harking back to a distant past, or exploring new territory as timber framing moves into the 21st century.

Our experience in the art of cutting complex joints necessary to frame hips and valleys (where two roofs join together), and the difficult and decorative joints of the hammer-beam truss is a rare combination of skills and traditional craftsmanship.

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